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Soil / Water / Air Protection Enterprise (SWAPE) is an innovative environmental consulting firm that brings outstanding expertise to clients seeking to tackle complex environmental cases. Since 2003, we have completed a wide variety of assignments relating to the assessment and investigation of environmental pollution, chemical release incidents, industrial emissions, and other environmental issues at project sites throughout the United States. SWAPE provides technical consulting and expert services to law firms, municipalities, community groups, non-profit organizations, developers, and other stakeholders involved in complex environmental matters.

SWAPE has completed more than 1,300 projects, many of which involve complex scientific and engineering issues concerning the investigation and assessment of environmental conditions. We conduct air quality studies, site assessments, hydrogeological characterizations, and exposure reconstructions. In addition, we conduct evaluations and design solutions relating to odor control, groundwater remediation, and drinking water treatment. Our professionals and network of affiliated experts provide clients with an outstanding array of solutions for tackling complex environmental issues.

Our firm was founded to provide environmental services and support for projects that improve community standards and policies of sustainability; promote protection and preservation; support restoration; improve environmental quality; raise community awareness; and enhance environmental health.